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Innovative legal practitioners are now able to offer a variety of services at affordable cost utilizing "virtual law ofices". Clients can interact with their attorney online, submit documents and get instant updates. Each client has a secure account and simple payment options, with all the dedication, expertise and experience Duffy Law provides its clients.

Frequently Asked Practice Questions

  • Do you accept individual clients? We certainly do, when dealing with specific areas of practice. For example, when dealing with bankruptcy, contract review, mediation, arbitration, or civil litigation, in most cases we're pleased to take individuals as clients. For existing business clients, we may also handle personal concerns on a case-by-case basis, such as will, trusts, estates, real estate, or municipal. For more[...]
  • What areas of business law do you not practice in? Our areas of practice are limited to those where we best offer unique, outstanding, experienced representation to our clients. We restrict ourselves to certain areas to maximize benefit to our client base. Areas of business law which we do not practice in include tax law and insurance [...]

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$299 Business Organization

The organization of your new business entity is likely the most significant legal decision you will make for the first few years of your business. Make sure it's handled well, with the advice and guidence of a qualified attorney.

Contract Review

This can even be completed online in our Virtual Law Office!

Trademark A Business Name or Product Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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