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When a small business is beginning, there are usually great needs and few resources. Good legal advice and business guidance can help that new business grow into a seasoned, stable, successful enterprise - also, a good client. Duffy Law understands the needs to new businesses, both legally and practically. We work with our clients to find affordable solutions to grown their business, and establish a relationship with our clients to last long into the future.

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Ensuring Your Business Transactions Go Smoothly

Transactions are a fundamental of most business operations. You make a sale. You buy equipment. You need work space. Having competent representation in those situations can make the difference between a profitable deal and a costly mistake. Ensure your business gets the best result possible through Duffy Law.



Whether you’re signing a lease, engaging a new vendor, signing a client, hiring and independent contractor, taking on another a partner, etc., the presence of contract is ubiquitous. Contracts are the basis of most business relationships, and set down in writing the understanding between the parties   Unfortunately they are often poorly written, one-sided, unenforceable, or at times there is not contract written at all when there really should be one. Duffy Law will help you understand your legal position prior to entering into an agreement, aid you in improving it, and ensure you have a sound understanding of your rights and responsibilities as you enter a new professional relationship.

Unfortunately, sometime contracts are not honored, and a dispute results. We always work first to resolve a disagreement with a contract without resort to court room – first negotiation, then mediation. It would surprise you how often this approach solves the problem, often in ways that benefit all parties more than when they started.  Particularly if the parties had a working relationship previously, there is often room to restore it. Facilitating communication, understanding interests and providing creative solutions can save a business relationship, as well as a great deal of legal fees.

Rarely, as a last resort, a dispute leads to arbitration or litigation.  In these circumstances we aggressively advocate for our clients to ensure the most favorable result possible. Duffy Law ensures you have the comprehensive, driven representation required to provide the justice you deserve.


Whether it’s a new vehicle, an old machine, or a fantastic item for resale you won at an overseas auction, ensuring the transaction is carried out properly is your path to profit. We’re pleased to provide consultation regarding purchase terms, contractual issues, party rights, industry norms, and other matters.


Whether making sales is what your business is all about, or it’s time to get a new computer system and you’re looking for a buyer to take the old one off your hands, a properly managed transaction is essential. We help ensure your invoices are properly handled, your management of POs is appropriate, your shipping terms are enforceable and your liability is limited.


Businesses grow, and Duffy Law is proud to provide the support clients require when acquiring new assets or enterprises. A smooth transition maintains value and create the synergy required for a successful future.