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Our Rates and Our Promise

Our Promise to You, Our Client:
  • You will receive outstanding value for outstanding legal representation: We have low flat rates for many services, such as business organization. For matters which are billed hourly, our rates are generally under $200/hour, depending on the matter and assigned attorney.
  • You will understand your legal situation, and feel comfortable that you are making sound business decisions when addressing legal matters.
  • You will receive a realistic estimate of the total cost of any services rendered prior to undertaking any service.
  • You will understand, completely, every detail of your bill. If the bill can't be understood, you don't have to pay it.
Your Success Is Our Success

We recognize that a successful, financially sound client is the most valuable asset. We design appropriate fee structures, hourly, flat-fee or project based, to ensure our client's sucess and satisfaction.

Extraordinary Efficiency Through Innovation and Technology

We are an extraordinarily efficient firm, and work hard to keep overhead minimal. We utilize a variety of technlogical and logistical solutions to provide maximum value to the client while producing outstanding results. Few other law firms are even aware of the variety of strategies we employ to deliver greater value to our clients. For example:

Incomparable Return On Investment

Welcome to a law firm that understands business. Law firms are usually focused on charging the highest possible hourly rate and billing the most hours, rather than simply providing oustanding service at competative rates, only when practical for the client. There's a bigger picture, and a true business-oriented law firm understands it.

Small Business Is Personal

A small business is the work of a lifetime. It's a dream and a passion. A lawyer that treats your legal issues as another daily matter, rather than a matter of personal importance, will not provide the results you deserve or require. The client's success, both in individual legal issues and as an enterprise in general, is all that matters.