Online Law

All types of business is increasingly taking place on the internet, continuing a trend of several decades This presents a unique set of legal issues and challenges that lawyers must address to properly serve business clients. Whether your internet presence is your primary operation, or online interaction is just an aspect of your brick-and-mortar day-to-day, Duffy Law can provide the guidance and support you need to ensure your online business is as secure as your physical business.


User Agreements

You want people to use your friendly website. You don’t want to get sued out of existence. We can help.

As cases have come down over the recent decades, it’s become clear websites need to carefully delineate between their responsibilities and that of their users. There’s no interaction other than that which appears on a user’s screen, so in one page absolutely everything the user must know and agree to about the relationship forming between the user and the website operator must be stated – that’s what we call the “user agreement”. A complete, understandable, and enforceable user agreement is vital to a successful online presence.

Privacy Policies

If you have any contact or exchange any data with visitors to your site, you need a privacy policy. It not only outlines the rights the user has to protection of their personal information, but also states what rights those collecting the information have to utilize it. Without such assent, use or dissemination of user data could compromise one’s right to privacy and cause a great deal of legal trouble. We’ll ensure you’re protected, you understand your rights, and users have a safe, satisfying experience engaging your online presence.

Online Transactions

Often in online transactions the parties never speak a word to each other, engaging through forms or typed communications. This level of interaction can present challenges to both parties having a proper understanding of their legal positions. Furthermore there are frequently interstate transactions, multiple parties and complicated payment processes. This all must be properly organized to allow parties to productively and safely conduct online business. With a well-managed legal framework behind you, your online business will be profitable business. Contact us to find out how.

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