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When a small business is beginning, there are usually great needs and few resources. Good legal advice and business guidance can help that new business grow into a seasoned, stable, successful enterprise - also, a good client. Duffy Law understands the needs to new businesses, both legally and practically. We work with our clients to find affordable solutions to grown their business, and establish a relationship with our clients to last long into the future.

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International Business Law

We are your business law firm. We're dedicated to the success of your business, and understand the concerns that go along with managing a successful enterprise.


Business Transactions

International Business Transactions present a unique set of concerns for companies engaged in international business. The primary concern tends to be the transactional security of the parties, situated in the framework of two legal systems with potentially vast differences. The types of international transactions can be as varied as domestic transactions (sales, purchases, franchising, acquisitions, etc.), albeit with an entirely different character. Questions that must be addressed, both contractually and procedurally, include:

-Shipment terms
-Escrow/Letters of Credit
-Dispute resolution

This is where Duffy Law is invaluable. Our international experience allows us to understand, explain and engage foreign legal systems around the world. Our global network of legal resources is at our client’s disposal. Often properly administering a transaction may require retaining local representation, and Duffy Law can ensure your legal security maintained worldwide. Contact us to find out more.

International Trade

Though trade laws are far more controlled than even a few decades ago, there are still abuses and changes taking place in every industry on every continent. You must not only be aware of the trade concerns facing your particular industry, but be prepared to fight for fair trade regulations when appropriate. Duffy Law can help you understand how trade law affects your international commerce, as well as aggressively advocate for WTO (or appropriate trade body where a special customs zone might apply) action on the matter. Contact us to find out more.

Intellectual Property Protection

Every precaution is appropriate when taking your patented product, trademarked brand, copyrighted work or well-kept trade secret abroad.  Foreign legal systems rarely have protections comparable to those offered by the United States Courts, and understanding the risks and how to guard against them is essential. Deciding whether a foreign market is safe enough to warrant investment or taking appropriate procedures to provide international protection of your intellectual property are key factors in guaranteeing your success overseas as well as at home. Duffy Law is pleased to be able to guide you through this process, informing you of your rights and how to protect them.

Just as with all of our international services, at time it is necessary to retain local counsel due to jurisdictional rules – in those situations, clients benefit from Duffy Law’s international network of reputable, experienced attorneys to provide an end-point partner in your international legal matters. Having qualified local representation when engaging local governments, confronting foreign parties or settling disputes is the difference between success and failure. Contact Duffy Law to learn how we can address your specific needs.

We look forward to offfering a free consultation, and deomonstrating what we can do for you. Call or contact Duffy Law today to finally get the legal service you deserve.