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When a small business is beginning, there are usually great needs and few resources. Good legal advice and business guidance can help that new business grow into a seasoned, stable, successful enterprise - also, a good client. Duffy Law understands the needs to new businesses, both legally and practically. We work with our clients to find affordable solutions to grown their business, and establish a relationship with our clients to last long into the future.

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Your Business Is Personal

A fact of doing business and having employees is dealing with a new set of legal issues. While employees are generally a company’s most valuable asset, they can quickly become its greatest liability if the proper legal guidelines are not properly followed. Even when proper procedure was follow, disputes can arise. Duffy Law stands by our business clients to obtain a fair result, protecting their business interests.


Employment Contracts and Non-Compete Agreements

Forming strong, fair employment contracts or non-compete agreements can give both parties the protection and mutual understanding to have a long and productive business relationship. Duffy Law will represent your business’s interests to forge a fair, enforceable agreement that will provide a foundation for success.

Workplace Policies

A business is subject to a great deal of liability if the proper workplace policies are not in effect. These include:

  • -Equal employment policies
  • -Sexual discrimination policies
  • -Employee handbook


Duffy Law guides you through the establishment of sound, sensible policies that will help provide a a productive workplace free from potential litigation.                                      

We look forward to offfering a free consultation, and deomonstrating what we can do for you. Call or contact Duffy Law today to finally get the legal service you deserve.