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Best States To Start Your Business In The idea that you should locate your business in a specific state is "mostly just misinformation and over-hyped marketing by the states and other parties," says Michael J. Duffy, attorney and counselor at law for Duffy Law in Cherry Hill, N.J. Duffy has advised countless clients on business organization and operations.

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Intuit Small Business Blog
When Is Bankruptcy the Right Choice for a Small Business?The Intuit Small Business Blog asked attorney Michael J. Duffy [of Duffy Law], who specializes in bankruptcy and business law, to help sort through the do’s and don’ts of filing for bankruptcy...


Intuit Blog

Intuit Small Business Blog
How to protect your small business assets.You’ve spent years of your life building a successful small business. How do you protect your operation from being destroyed by legal proceedings, natural disaster, or even sudden death? The Intuit Small Business Blog recently presented attorney Michael J. Duffy with several potential scenarios — and asked him what general steps business owners can take to minimize their risks and ensure the long-term safety of their assets during crisis situations. Here’s what he had to say...

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US veteran pushes for extradition in grizzly Nha Trang slaying Philadelphia Attorney Michael Duffy described the chances of the US extraditing an American citizen to Vietnam as “a definite maybe.” The US extradites its citizens all the time, he said, but it does not currently have an extradition treaty with Vietnam. Except when a suspect is a Vietnamese citizen, extraditions to Vietnam are extremely rare, he says. Without a treaty, extradition may be granted on a case-by-case basis by the Secretary of State – in this case Hillary Clinton....


Best States To Start Your Business In "It's seductive for the owner of a small business to think they've discovered some loop hole and make the tricky move to domicile in a foreign state to avoid all tax and liability. States would be foolish if they allowed this, and thus of course they do not," he says.

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  • Do you accept individual clients? We certainly do, when dealing with specific areas of practice. For example, when dealing with bankruptcy, contract review, mediation, arbitration, or civil litigation, in most cases we're pleased to take individuals as clients. For existing business clients, we may also handle personal concerns on a case-by-case basis, such as will, trusts, estates, real estate, or municipal. For more[...]
  • What areas of business law do you not practice in? Our areas of practice are limited to those where we best offer unique, outstanding, experienced representation to our clients. We restrict ourselves to certain areas to maximize benefit to our client base. Areas of business law which we do not practice in include tax law and insurance [...]

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