We understand not only the legal issues, but also the emotional challenge that accompanies such a change in life circumstances. Duffy Law is here to help you move on to a new, brighter stage in your life by getting you the justice you deserve.


You invested your life in a marriage, and you deserve to be fairly compensated when your investment is taken advantage of. The attorneys at Duffy Law will work tirelessly to get you what you deserve at a reasonable cost to our clients.

Our strategy is to work towards a resolution, rather than a court battle. The fact is, more than 90% of divorce cases end in a settlement prior to a court decision. It's usually only a matter of how much time and money is expended before a settlement is reached. Some law firms encourage a hostile, aggressive divorce, urging their clients to a prolonged, expensive battle. That rarely ends up benefiting the clients, however, and only lines the lawyers' pockets.

At Duffy Law, we fight for you, but in the most effective way possible. While that may be in court, we utilize a variety of innovative, productive solutions to gain every advantage for our clients through the most efficient means possible. Collaboration, communication and honesty are at the top of our tool box, and we use them diligently towards client success and satisfaction.

Duffy Law's experienced team provides the finest representation regarding:

  • -Divorce
  • -Child Support
  • -Spousal Support/Alimony
  • -Custody
  • -Visitation
  • -Equitable Distribution
  • -Business Interests
  • -Other Family Law


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