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When a small business is beginning, there are usually great needs and few resources. Good legal advice and business guidance can help that new business grow into a seasoned, stable, successful enterprise - also, a good client. Duffy Law understands the needs to new businesses, both legally and practically. We work with our clients to find affordable solutions to grown their business, and establish a relationship with our clients to last long into the future.

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Pennsylvania and New Jersey Civil Litigation

We are your civil litigation law firm. We're dedicated to the success of your case, and understand the concerns that go along with pursuing a successful result.


In civil cases throughout the region, Duffy Law represents clients to provide the outstanding results they've come to expect. Success is the goal, with cost, purpose and practicality the driving factors. Oustanding representation extends beyond the courtroom.


Philadelphia Municipal Court and Pennsylvania Magisterial Court

Duffy law handles contract disputes, liens, collection actions and other matters arise here, with matters with less than $12,000 in controversey in Philadelphia Municipal Court and Pennsylvania Magesterial District Courts. Effective representation at a reasonable rate can provide a positive, satisfying result.


Philadelphia Municipal Court and Pennsylvania Magisterial Court Appeals

Municipal court decisions are appealable with a de novo arbitration hearing. Whether plaintiff or defendant, your case is important and at this level of sophistication proper representation may be the difference between a favorable or negative result.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Compulsory Arbitration

Arbitration is mandatory for matters below $50,000 in controversy, and as a step in the appeals process from Municipal Court. An experienced litigator is important as you face an arbitration panel.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Compulsory Arbitration Appeals

You have a right to appeal the decision to the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, be it a matter brought first to arbitration, or a Municipal Court Appeal. This is a full trial, with all of the procedures, formalities, requirements and consequences associated with the same. An attorney is essential to secure a favorable outcome.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas

Civil trials before the Court of Common Pleas may take place before a jury or a judge, and bear the associated complexity. Call Duffy Law now to speak with an experienced attorney and see your case through to the results you deserve.


New Jersey Civil Litigation

Duffy Law is just as experience with cases and clients before New Jersey Small Claims Court and New Jersey Superior Court. Contact us today to get a free consultation regarding your New Jersey civil matter.

We look forward to offfering a free consultation, and deomonstrating what we can do for you. Call or contact Duffy Law today to finally get the legal service you deserve.