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When a small business is beginning, there are usually great needs and few resources. Good legal advice and business guidance can help that new business grow into a seasoned, stable, successful enterprise - also, a good client. Duffy Law understands the needs to new businesses, both legally and practically. We work with our clients to find affordable solutions to grown their business, and establish a relationship with our clients to last long into the future.

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Your Business Is Personal

We are your business law firm. We're dedicated to the success of your business, and understand the concerns that go along with managing a successful enterprise.


When hiring employees, paying taxes, getting insurance, or any of the other legally significant acts that comprise normal business operations, Duffy Law can provide the practical advice and direction your require. Often it’s as simple as pointing out the appropriate resource where answers can be found. Sometimes there are client-specific matters that require greater attention. Whatever the situation, the experienced business and legal practitioners at Duffy Law are here to provide competent guidance for your business needs.


Depending on the nature of the business, there can be myriad licensing and regulatory issues. Proper employment practices, records reporting and insurance coverage are essential to avoid trouble down the road. An ounce of prevention is far less expensive than us referring you to an employment, insurance or tax attorney after several years of non-compliance. Avoid future legal headaches by ensuring you are following the best business practices. Duffy Law is here to help.