Chapter 7 Bankruptcy $999

December 01, 2012 - March 31, 2013Crushed by debt? Harassed by creditors? Credit rating suffering? It's time for a "fresh start". Duffy Law is here to help you restore your financial security through a bankruptcy discharge.

The experienced Pennsylvania and South Jersey bankruptcy attorneys at Duffy Law will walk you through every step of what can otherwise be an intimidating process. Please contact us immediately for a free consultation so we can help.

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Family Law

Family Law is a growing practice area at Duffy Law, focusing on divorce, child support, custody, alimony, settlement agreements and other matters in South Jersey, Philadelphia and the surrounding Pennsylvania counties.

Duffy Law's dedicated Philadelphia and South Jersey fmaily law attorney will work hard to ensure you get the results you deserve at a cost you can afford, while understanding the intensely personal nature of this area of practice.

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Philadelphia Property Assesstment Appeals

Philadelphia opted to alter its property tax system to more accurately reflect fair market values of properties, and base taxes upon those rates. The result of this change was a massive revaluation of over 500,000 Philadelphia properties.

Rather than accurately reflecting the fair market value, the new values may be massively skewed. There was an appeals process put into place to address property owners' objections, but the process is untested, opaque, and potentially confusing.

Duffy Law is here to help. Duffy Law provides outstanding representation before the Philadelphia Board of Revision of Taxes and tax assessment appeals to the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. Don't lose your chance to get the proper, fair valuation for your residential or commercial property. Find out more here.

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The Press Room: Duffy Law in the News

Duffy Law's Press Room: Duffy Law and its attorneys have been featured by numerous high-profile news outlets, utilizing its expertise and experience for public benefit.Check out our contributions with Intuit, Yahoo Finance, Investipedia and more here.

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Efficient and Client-Aware: Not Your Typical Law Firm

Attorneys with a business background, who understand the realities of operating one's own enterprise, are uncommon in the practice of law. We offer that rare combination of legal and business savvy to assist you in making sound legal decisions. No other law firm comes close.

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